We came, we saw, we gigged!
Now we'd love to hear from you, our wonderful audience
Irregular Folks is about doing something a bit different, and keeping music - and now other art forms - magical for both audiences and artists alike"

To keep doing our best we'd love to hear from you...
How was this years Irregular Folks Summer Session for you?

If you came to last year at Hogacre, how did this year compare?

We'd like to learn a bit about you

Was this your first time at our Summer Session?

Are you local to Oxford?

If no, we'd love to know where you travelled from?

How did you find out about Irregular Folks?

Tell us your thoughts on the creative

Did you find yourself on a musical adventure for the day?

ie. Did you discover something new, did you get inspired.
{{answer_RJuEAEQRLPOK}}How would you rate the music selection?

How would you rate the Odditorium?

What rating would you give the setting?

Did you enjoy the addition of the Mini Movie Island?

Did you enjoy the addition of Drunken Drawing?

Overall how was it for you?

Overall experience of the day?

Tell us your highlight of the day?

Tell us what your lowlight of the day was?

Ticket price. We'd like your thoughts on how much we are charging for a ticket. Any thoughts will do.

Catering. Did you think the catering - ie food and drink - on offer was suitable?

Any further thoughts on catering, ie price, what was on offer, would you like to suggest anything that wasn't on offer that you would have liked?

Would you like to come back next year?

If you have any thoughts/suggestions both creative or anything else for next year we'd love to hear them.

Thank you for your time on this. We REALLY appreciate it!  If you'd like to join our mailing list for news of up coming gigs...check out www.irregularfolk.co.uk

Paul Foot forever! And may we say a huge thank you to Ian Wallman for all these wonderful photographs. Full gallery of the day will appear on our website soon!

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